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Cricket lovers can now catch all the live action of any match from anywhere in the world by simply using a mobile device, such as iPhone or Android. All Sports Channel is a subscription based sports media company that lets users stream live matches from hundreds of channels, across many different devices. The company has partnered with the leading mobile network operators to allow cricket fans to stream cricket from anywhere in the world on their mobiles. You don’t have to be living in the United States, or even the UK, to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to keep up with your favorite game.

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To get started, you will need to download the All Sports Mobile app on your phone. This is a simple, one-time fee that gives you access to thousands of live cricket matches, highlights and other information, straight from your phone. You will never miss a ball, wicket or even a ball swing. If you are out of the office for the day, you can still continue watching cricket by logging into your All Sports Channel account. You can also watch up to three different channels on your Android phone – so if you travel around the world, you never miss a single game. If you are a cricket fan who loves to analyze the performance of your favorite players or teams, you can also track your favorite team’s performance on an All Sports Mobile app.


Cricket is a great way to spend leisure time, whether it’s playing on your computer at work, relaxing in bed, or even sitting in a restaurant. Watching live cricket on your mobile phone is just as exciting as watching it on a traditional television set. And if you are living in the United States, you can get even more fun by tuning into All Sports Channel. It is only a matter of a few minutes each day that you can stay connected to this worldwide phenomenon. If you want to keep track of a match while on the go, check out the All Sports Channel mobile app.


If you have friends and family that love cricket, you should consider getting them all hooked on the sport. The All Sports Channel on your mobile phone can be a great way to spend time with them, especially if they live close to you. For instance, if you want to invite your friend Bob over for beer before the match, the mobile app can help you. With a simple push of the ‘Action’ button, your friends can be alerted to the score of the cricket match, as well as if their favorite player has suffered an injury or not. Best of all, with All Sports on your phone, there is no worrying about late night parties or finding a babysitter during cricket season.
Cricket lovers have a number of ways to watch cricket matches when the teams are playing outside the country. For example, if you are living in New Zealand, and your favourite team is playing in the United Kingdom, you can always tune in to the coverage of the match on All Sports Channel. This is a great way to stay connected to your favourite team without having to miss a single moment of the match. Whether you’re following one of the matches on television or listening to the match live on radio, you can be sure that every moment of the match will be available to you.


If you are a die-hard cricket fan, you might want to watch All Sports Channel as well. You can get access to channels like ESPN Star Sports, which includes not just cricket coverage, but also coverage of other sports such as golf, tennis, swimming, and horse racing. These channels can provide you with scores, commentaries, play-by-play, and all the exciting action from a variety of angles. The wide screen that comes along with All Sports channels allows you to enjoy the game from every possible angle.

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If you are not a cricket fan, but you still love watching cricket, you may still wish to download All Sports onto your phone and catch up with your cricketing friends. With the myriad options available on All Sports channels for cricket coverage, you are certain to find channels that cater to your particular needs. Some All Sports packages include All Sports channels for free, while others require a small subscription fee. You are then billed monthly after the free trial period expires. However, if you choose a pay-per-view package, you can catch as many matches you want, for as long as you want!


Cricket lovers can now follow their favorite players from anywhere in the world by simply accessing the All Sports Channel on their mobile devices. You can have access to channels dedicated to cricket coverage, including commentary by leading commentators and experts, as well as a host of features that allow cricket fans to interact with each other. The most popular channel among cricket enthusiasts is of course Cricket HD, which provides the true picture and sound quality of a live match. Other channels offer more simple options for cricket fans, such as highlights reels, daily updates from the editors, and news on cricket injuries and other events that are happening in and around the world of cricket. You can even find special All Sports packages that give you access to an international tournament!

All Sports Channel Watches Cricket In Mobile

All Sports Channel is not just about cricket and has also shown some interest in other sports too. It has news channels dedicated to different sports and their happenings. In fact, All Sports Channel is a part of The Sports Channel network which also includes Euro sport and Al Arab. Cricket news is one of the top most things that attract people to the channel.

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People love watching cricket and any other sports that are being played in different countries around the world. And to be in touch with the game, there is no better option than to watch the matches live on the matches. The latest cricket coverage available on the mobile phone is something that all cricket fans must have been waiting for. Not only will they be able to catch up with their favorite team, but they can also be updated with the score cards and other information that might be useful in determining the winning side or teams.


The All Sports Channel has brought entertainment to the doorstep of cricket fans and viewers who are living anywhere in the world. With their innovative mobile phone application, cricket fans can now easily watch their favorite games live. With this particular mobile application they can also access the live cricket coverage even when they are not connected with their mobile phones. This is the latest innovation with regard to cricket coverage.

The mobile phone companies are now including a variety of features in their mobiles. Some of these features may include downloading of ring tones, SMS support, camera and video clippings. The cell phones of today have changed the way people see and communicate. Now, they can keep in touch with their loved ones even while they are travelling. They can even watch their favorite cricket matches on their mobile phones from the stands or in the ground.

Cricket has always been one of the most loved sports followed by a large section of people. However, it has been very difficult for cricket fans to manage their timings and their schedules so that they could watch their favorite game live. Thanks to the revolutionized mobile phones, cricket fans all over the world can now manage to catch up with their favorite game live without any hassles. These days, there are a number of channels which telecast cricket games. The All Sports Channel has brought cricket coverage in a different form. As a result, cricket fans can now have access to the full length telecast as well as the highlights of each and every game.

The All Sports Channel has brought a great concept in front of cricket lovers. These days, they can watch the game live and without any hassles. This is because this channel has the best possible audio and video quality. This helps the viewer to enjoy the match without any interruptions. The experts of this channel provide commentary on every ball and every moment of the match which helps a fan to understand the actual happenings of the match.

In addition to this, the All Sports channel also provides a number of news reports on different aspects of the game. It gives you the latest updates of all the important matters related to the cricket coverage. Cricket news includes many things like, the injury report, the team list, the complete fixture history and schedule, run rate statistics, run rate figures for every player and many other things. In short, this channel ensures you with the latest cricket news so that you could understand the situation of the game and play your part effectively.

All Sports is a leading digital television network which is providing a great feature of mobile telephony along with the entire cricket coverage. Cricket is a very common form of sport for all sections of people in almost all the parts of the world. In fact, cricket is such a common game that you do not find anyone who does not know the name of a cricket batsman or a cricketer. This is why it is a great experience to watch a live match of cricket on your mobile phone and enjoy the thrill and excitement of cricket with the best mobile services.

Cricket Channel – Watch Cricket on All Sports Channel

Cricket is one of the most popular sports followed by people from all walks of life and now you can also follow the game on the Android mobile phone. Cricket on Android is a very exciting experience provided you have an Android mobile phone and it is very simple to use as well. The entire concept of cricket on Android was started with the launch of Cricketentials app on the Android Market. With the help of this app one can enjoy all the live cricket action on the go and can also catch all the regular matches being played in various leading TV channels.

Cricket on Android mobile app is exclusively for the handset and it is an exclusive channel on Google Play. If you are having Google Android phone then it is the perfect channel to catch all the action. Cricket on Android has received great response from the users and that is why it has been launched on the same platform. You can even download the channel and use it on your mobile phone.

Cricket on Android has some really attractive features like live cricket score, latest statistics and also schedule of upcoming matches. You can get all the information about cricket on your mobile phone through this medium. It is also available in the market with a lot of exciting packages which include pay-per-view, kids channels, news channels, sport highlights and much more. You can find out all the information about the cricket tournament, match, team, players and other such information through this channel.

Cricket on Android mobile app is a great way to get connected to the world cup and get updated about the ongoing tournaments. This is just another way to keep track about all the current cricket world cup. You can also watch all the live action of a cricket match on your mobile screen. Cricket on Android is not just available on phones only but also on tablets and other similar devices. You can simply slide it into your pocket or purse and watch the matches live.

The All Sports Channel on the other hand is a great source of information for all cricket lovers. It has dedicated channels for cricket which air every day at 4PM PST. You can simply log in to All Sports Channel website and watch your favorite cricket games. This is a paid service but if you want to catch up all the live action of various Tests, One Day Internationals, Twenty20 Internationals and all the one day cup matches, then you must definitely pay the money.

This channel is a very popular site not just for cricket fans but also for those who are crazy about cricket. They get entertained by getting updates on cricket score card, run rate of their favorite player, number of runs made and number of wickets fallen. One can even see his own personal experience of playing cricket on the screen. Many people who are very busy with their hectic schedules often miss out the matches. These fans can always catch up with the live action by logging in to this site.

You can also go through the archive of the matches that have been played in the world cup. You will definitely enjoy watching the entire match on this channel. The cricket score is updated regularly so you will not miss out any moment when it is being telecasted by this company. One can also compare the total number of runs scored by different players and see their individual performance rating.

If you love to bet, then this is the channel for you. They offer many cricket betting options like leading up to the match, betting end of match and even after the match. You can even make your own bets for the coming cricket season. Apart from this, if you are a huge cricket fan then no other channel will give you the opportunity to watch cricket as much as All Sports Channel will. The variety, the news, the features and the variety of the telecasts makes this site an all time favorite of cricket lovers.

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